You had me at…Halloween

I’ll not lie, my expectations for Halloween 2020 were not what you would call high for all of the reasons you are all endlessly familiar with these days. Under normal circumstances when Halloween falls on a Saturday night, I’d be dressed as a generic spooky thing, up to my eyeballs in cheap neon-coloured alcohol, dancing … Continue reading You had me at…Halloween

Xena: Wood Princess

As we smack face-first into the ‘Roni winter wave, I’ve decided enough is enough with this whole online dating malarkey. It should come as no surprise to anyone that the general experience has not been remotely improved by the addition of hand sanitiser, masks and enough space between the two of you to fit a … Continue reading Xena: Wood Princess


I have news, guys. Well, more of an update than news, really. But I’m bored and, let’s face it, all we have is time these days so I’m making this as dramatic as I possibly can. (…Cue pulling of fire alarm…) Anyhoo, now we’re all back in doors and the firemen are away…to my news! … Continue reading Win-Win